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Professionals R ecommended by Ecurie El Duende

We have the privilege of being photographed by many professional photographers during our various shows. We would like to thank them for their generosity and talent. They know how to immortalize the magical moments we share with our horse friends and without them we wouldn't have so many wonderful memories. Unfortunately, we cannot name all these artists but here are some who have particularly touched us and know how to be present.  To our greatest delight! (We remind you that the photos used on this site are not free of rights!)

We also take this opportunity to share the contact details of our partner upholstery "Iberian Rioja upholstery": high quality upholstery, good value for money,  and real kindness! Aude will find your happiness and always with a smile! 

Rioja Iberian upholstery

Online saddlery and horse riding shop

Draille of Boufigue

13430 Eyguieres


Tel: 07 86 53 27 73 

Pastellist Artist and Professional Photographer
Professional Photographers
Stephanie Pericat



Facebook page: Stephanie Pericat


Gerard Dumas

F acebook: Gérard Dumas photographer

Gueritot Patrice

22 alley Sources alley

91170 Viry-Chatillon

Facebook: Patrice Gueritot

Tel: 01 69 24 67 71

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